Overname Freedom Innovations

U vindt op deze pagina meer informatie over de overname van Freedom Innovations.


Positieve toekomst voor Freedom Innovations in gang gezet.

Transactie met Proteor goedgekeurd door de U.S. Federal Trade Commission en afgesloten.


Positive Future for Freedom Innovations set.

Transaction with Proteor approved by U.S. Federal Trade Commission and closed.


Portfolio uitbreiding

We zijn verheugd u te informeren dat er een overeenkomst is bereikt met het Franse orthopedie-technologie-specialistische bedrijf Proteor SAS voor bepaalde producten uit het Freedom Innovations portfolio. Hieronder vindt u meer informatie (in Engels) over het product portfolio.

Bij vragen neem gerust contact op met uw accountmanager.

Expanding the Portfolio with Freedom Innovations Products

We are happy to announce that Ottobock has formally closed a transaction with French orthopaedic technology specialist Proteor SAS, which has acquired significant assets of Freedom Innovations (FI). The corresponding purchase agreements were previously signed in September. With this transaction, Ottobock satisfies the U.S. Federal Trade Commission‘s (FTC‘s) order to divest certain assets from Freedom Innovations.

As background: Ottobock acquired FI in September 2017 but the FTC filed a complaint against the acquisition and prohibited the integration of FI by Ottobock. An application for a final approval was filed with the FTC on 9 October 2020. The final decision was made by the FTC's highest body, the FTC Commissioners on 30 November 2020.

As a result of the transaction, we will strengthen our product portfolio in the field of prosthetic feet as we will retain certain Freedom Innovations foot products. Specifically, the Freedom Innovations portfolio will be split between the two companies Ottobock and Proteor as follows:

  • Feet retained by Ottobock

    Active: Maverick Xtreme & Maverick Xtreme AT, Renegade Family (Renegade, Renegade LP, Renegade AT, Renegade LP-AT), Thrive

    Everyday: Promenade, Senator, Maverick Comfort AT

    K2: Kintrol, WalkTek and the new Restore ™

    Style: Runway & Runway HX, Silhouette Family (Silhouette, Silhouette LP, Silhouette VS, Silhouette LP VS)

    Sports: Nitro & Catapult Running, Slalom Ski and Freestyle Swim

    Specialty: Defender, LP Symes

  • Other Components retained by Ottobock:

    • iQ Vacuum Pump

    • Liberty Knee

    • Adapters

  • Products being transferred to Proteor:

    Feet: Agilix, DynAdapt, Highlander, Pacifica, Sierra

    Ankles: Kinnex and Kinterra

    MPK: Plié 3

For the time being, to keep the transition period as smooth as possible, the business of the products Ottobock retains will continue to be managed via the known channels and processes. During this interim phase, please contact your known local Freedom Innovations sales representative or distributor for order and complaint purposes. In case the latter should not be possible, please get in contact with your local Ottobock branch.

We will continue to keep you informed as integration efforts progress and there are changes to the process outlined above.

On behalf of Ottobock we would like to thank you for your patience and support.