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    Axon-Bus Firmware Update V33

    This firmware update is exclusively suitable for AxonSoft 2.2 or higher and supports: - Michelangelo Hand - AxonMaster - AxonEnergy Integral - AxonCharge - AxonArm Ergo - AxonRotation - AxonHook
    This document also belongs to: 757L500, 9S503, 8E600, 8E500, 13E500
    Operation system: Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows 10
    Date: mei 2015
    Document type: Software
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    USB-Drivers 3.0 (BionicLink PC 60X5, USB-LWL-Adapter 60X1, MyoBoy 757M11)

    This document also belongs to: 3B5-3, 3C60, 12K110N, 8E51, 1B1-2, 3B1-3, 9E420, 3C98-3, 12K100N, 8E500
    Operation system: Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows 10
    Date: juli 2013
    Document type: Software
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